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Retail Investor

Prysmian Group believes that a continuous and transparent communication with its shareholders is key to create a conscious approach and long-term vision towards their investments.
For this reason, we have specifically created this section with focus on private investors, which own approximately 10% of the Company. Some specific tools have been developed to enhance our communication with retail investors.
At the beginning of 2014, we have launched the Shareholder's Handbook, a yearly guide which aims to provide both current and potential private owners of Prysmian shares with a summary of relevant information. Furthermore, every three months, after the release of quarterly results, Prysmian Group publishes Insight, an interesting newsletter designed to inform stakeholders about the development of business and economic results. These are just the last tools developed with the aim of accompanying our shareholders towards a deeper knowledge of the Company.
You may keep abreast of financial results and press releases by activating the Email Alerts service.

Shareholder’s Handbook

Insight – N.2 2015


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