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The Corporate Governance structure adopted by the Company is inspired by the recommendations and rules laid down in the Italian Stock Exchange Self-Discipline Code.

Corporate Governance is related to both external standards and regulations which the Company itself decides to implement to ensure that operations are carried out efficiently and transparently.

In general, the Company's Corporate Governance system is based on the central role of the Board of Directors (as the main body delegated to manage the Company in the interests of the shareholders), transparency in operational decisions, effective internal controls, rigorous rules governing conflicts of interest and solid principles of conduct governing interactions with related parties.

This system has been implemented by Prysmian with the adoption of codes, principles, rules and procedures covering and regulating the activity of all the organizational and operational components of the Company.


Committee Charters
Control and Risks Committee
Compensation, Nomination and Sustainability Committee
Governance Documents
PDFShareholders' Meetings Regulations
PDFCode of Conduct - Internal Dealing
PDFRelated Parties Regulation
PDFCode of Ethics
PDFProcedure under art. 150 TUF
PDFProcedure for the management and disclosure of privileged
PDFReport on Corporate Governance and Ownership Structure 01-03-2017
PDFModel 231